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So how does it work?

Tell us via email, phone or fax what you want and we will respond straight away, then start working on your behalf.


Venue options for events will be with you within hours, with accommodation we'll get back to you even faster.


For event venues we will give you up to 5 options, with costs and website addresses.


We can organise site visits to help you choose, menu's, maps and even paper work for credit facilities.


Once you have decided we will send you written confirmation, which also goes to the hotel - this will clearly detail your requirements, the venue's cancellation policy, payment method and agreed rates.



If you have any amendments or cancellations, LSL will confirm these in writing to both the venue and yourself - nothing is left to chance.


What else can we do?


We're here for more than just conferences and meetings. We find great venues for just about anything - Christmas parties, anniversaries, birthdays celebrations, you name it! Just ask.


We're not tied to any one hotel, supplier or travel company - this allows us complete freedom and impartiality when selecting and negotiating, ensuring your requirements are our top priority.


The Liebermann Select team will stay with you every step of the way, liaising with the venue/supplier to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your event. From enquiry to follow up - we are here to support you.

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