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What does FREE mean?

Is the commission added on to the rates quoted?

When can I expect LSL to respond to my enquiry?



What does FREE mean?

LSL work on a commission basis. No finders fee, booking fee or management fee is payable by the client. Our service to you is absolutely FREE as long as we confirm the booking in writing to your chosen venue - the venue will pay us for the work we do for you! This is the only stipulation we make - as simple as that, a win win situation!



Is the commission added on to the rates quoted by the venue?

Absolutely NOT! If you were to contact a venue direct, you will almost certainly be quoted the same or even higher rate than quoted to LSL.


We use our established relationships with venues/suppliers to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf; LSL is totally independent and therefore totally impartial when recommending suitable venues and services to our clients.



When can I expect LSL to respond to my enquiry?

We will contact you immediately on receipt of your enquiry. At this time we will negotiate a mutually agreeable time to submit our proposal.


Depending on the size and complexity of the enquiry, we always aim to submit our proposals within 1 to 4 hours for simple accommodation and 24hr for events. As always, we will work with you and do our utmost to meet your deadlines.

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